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Democracy in Debate

Democratie in Debat

Are you interested in the story behind the news? Visit Democracy in Debate, a series of monthly activities organized by Filmhuis The Hague, the Montesquieu Institute, Nieuwspoort and ProDemos about current (political) affairs and interesting themes. These events take place in The Hague.

The series consists of three monthly activities:

Debate in Nieuwspoort – Take a look behind the political scenes

On the first Wednesday of the month, scientists, politicians and journalists discuss current and sometimes controversial topics. Max van Weezel, Kees Boonman or Eva Kuit moderates the discussion.

Politics Cafe – Combine drinks and debate

Every second Tuesday of the month, Politics Cafe takes place in ProDemos. Usually two experts are being interviewed. The public is invited to participate actively in the discussion.

Film & Debate – Political deepening for movie lovers

On the third Thursday of the month, Film & Debate takes place at Filmhuis The Hague. On these evenings, people are stimulated to look at films from a political perspective. Afterwards, the topic will be discussed with politicians and other experts.

Please note that these events are being held in Dutch. For further information we kindly refer you to the Dutch version of our website by clicking on 'Nederlands' in the right upper corner of this page.



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Upcoming activities

Film & Debate 20-12-2018
Politics Cafe: Beer, snacks and cigarettes: The power and powerlessness of the government 22-01-2019
Debate in Nieuwspoort 06-02-2019
Politics Café 12-02-2019
Film & Debate 21-02-2019
Debate in Nieuwspoort 06-03-2019
Politics Café 12-03-2019
Film & Debate 21-03-2019
Debate in Nieuwspoort 03-04-2019
Politics Café 09-04-2019
Film & Debate 18-04-2019
Politics Café 14-05-2019
Film & Debate 16-05-2019
Debate in Nieuwspoort 05-06-2019
Politics Café 11-06-2019
Debate in Nieuwspoort 03-07-2019
Debate in Nieuwspoort 04-09-2019
Politics Café 10-09-2019
Film & Debate 19-09-2019
Debate in Nieuwspoort 02-10-2019
Politics Café 08-10-2019
Film & Debate 17-10-2019
Debate in Nieuwspoort 06-11-2019
Politics Café 12-11-2019
Film & Debate 21-11-2019
Politics Café 10-12-2019
Film & Debate 19-12-2019


Former activities

Politics Café 13-11-2018
Debate in Nieuwspoort 07-11-2018
Politics Café 23-10-2018
Film & Debate: The King 18-10-2018
Debate in Nieuwspoort 03-10-2018
Politics Café 25-09-2018
Film & Debate: De rode ziel 13-09-2018
Debate: 10 years after the banking crisis - what has actually changed? 05-09-2018
Debate: EU heading towards 2019: MFF, brexit and EP elections 04-07-2018
Politics Cafe: A new pension system 12-06-2018
Debate: How enforceable is the Dutch law? 06-06-2018
Film & Debate: The cleaners 17-05-2018
Politics Cafe: Brexit - the end or a new beginning for the EU? 08-05-2018
Film & Debate: De achtste dag 03-05-2018
Canceled - Politics Café: How citizens deal with their goverment 17-04-2018
Debat: Review on the municipal elections 2018 04-04-2018
Film & Debate: So help me god 15-03-2018
Politics Cafe: Municipal elections 13-03-2018
Debate: The Netherlands and the EU: time to take a stance 07-03-2018
Film & Debate: Doof Kind 15-02-2018
Politics Cafe: #MeToo 13-02-2018
Debate: The referendum: is there something to choose? 07-02-2018
Film & Debate: De Deal 14-12-2017
Politics Cafe: The value of human life 12-12-2017
Film & Debate: Ending up well in the Schilderswijk 16-11-2017
Politics Cafe: Ideals in the corridors of power 14-11-2017
Debate: Formation and governing: the start of Rutte III 13-11-2017
Film & Debate: De vergeten krijgers 19-10-2017
Politics Cafe: the banking crisis is over? 10-10-2017
Debate: Election year 2017: away with the status quo? 04-10-2017
Politics Cafe: Pimp de Troonrede 2017 18-09-2017
Film & Debate: City of Ghosts 14-09-2017
Film & Debate: The Net 07-09-2017
Debate: The green battle: the Netherlands on the road to sustainability 06-09-2017
Debate: The British and the Brexit 05-07-2017
Politics Cafe: Freedom versus safety - civil rights in danger? 13-06-2017
Debate: Middle East policy: The chances and choices for the Netherlands 07-06-2017
Film & Debate: I am not your negro 18-05-2017
Politics Cafe: Europe - dream or reality? 09-05-2017
Film & Debate: Austerlitz 20-04-2017
Politics Cafe: How to form a government? 11-04-2017
Debate: Fact free politics: facts or fiction? 05-04-2017
Politics Cafe: What happens with my vote? 07-03-2017
Debate: Cabinet formations: a close look at the process 01-03-2017
Film & Debate: Chez nous 16-02-2017
Politics Cafe: How do I survive the election campaign? 14-02-2017
Debat: The gap in society: is the Netherlands divided? 01-02-2017
Politics Café 13-12-2016
Debate: Trade agreements: chances of success? 07-12-2016
Film & Debate 17-11-2016
Politics Café 15-11-2016
Debate: Rutte's economic policy: a success? 02-11-2016
Politics Café: Europe's new battle 11-10-2016
Politics Café 19-09-2016
Film & Debate: Weiner 15-09-2016
Film & Debate 08-09-2016
Debate: EU and Turkey: forced trust? 07-09-2016
Debate: Review Dutch presidency of the EU 06-07-2016
Politics Café 14-06-2016
Debate: The next European crisis? 01-06-2016
Politics Café 10-05-2016
Politics Café 12-04-2016
Debate: Government communication: a service for democracy? 06-04-2016
Film & Debate 14-03-2016
Politics Café: Female leadership in 2016 08-03-2016
Debate: The Ukraine-referendum in perspective 02-03-2016
Film & Debate: The Mission 18-02-2016
Politics Café 09-02-2016
Debate: Defense policy: from bad to worse 03-02-2016
Politics Café 08-12-2015
Refugee crisis: long-term solutions 02-12-2015
Ice and the Sky: film and debate 19-11-2015
Politics Café 10-11-2015
One year Tusk, Juncker, Schulz 04-11-2015
Below the Surface: film and debate 22-10-2015
Politics Café 13-10-2015
Tax reforms: trial and error? 07-10-2015
Politics Café 14-09-2015
The Dictator: film and debate 11-09-2015
Timbuktu: film and debate 10-09-2015
Preview of the Dutch EU presidency 2016 02-09-2015
Politics Café 09-06-2015
Banks, bonuses and social unrest 03-06-2015
Citizenfour: film and debate 28-05-2015
Politics Café 12-05-2015
Those Who Feel the Fire Burning: film and debate 23-04-2015
Politics Café: Freedom of expression 14-04-2015
'Profit-thinking and public interests' 01-04-2015
Stand by your president: film and debate 14-03-2015
Politics Café 10-03-2015
Nationale verkiezingen en Eurosceptische geluiden 04-03-2015
Politics Café 10-02-2015
Debate 'Regional elections, national battle' 04-02-2015
National interests in an international world 03-12-2014
Politics Café about Children's Rights 20-11-2014
'Rutte II: Stable or not? 05-11-2014
Politics Café - The simplification of the tax system 16-10-2014
'Old politics and new media' 01-10-2014
Politics Café 18-09-2014
'Instability in the Middle East' 03-09-2014
Politics Café 19-06-2014
Het schaakspel om Europese macht 04-06-2014
Politics Café 15-05-2014
Liberation Day: film & debate 27-04-2014
Politics Café 'Bugged' 17-04-2014
Which direction for the European Union? 02-04-2014
Politics Café 'Municipal elections' 20-03-2014
The duty of political parties 05-03-2014
Local elections and decentralisations 20-02-2014
Municipal elections overshadowed by national politics? 05-02-2014
Health: your own care? 08-11-2013
Fortress Europe dismantled? 06-11-2013
What's best: development aid or trade? 11-10-2013
Use and necessity of the Dutch Senate 02-10-2013
Bron van transparantie of informatiemachine? 04-09-2013
Will euroscepticism dominate the European elections? 03-07-2013
The invisible power in the Hague 14-06-2013
Happy with the Dutch polder model? 05-06-2013
Hannah Arendt 01-05-2013
The Monarchy: now and in the future 27-04-2013
Politics and the Internet: freedom or Big Brother? 12-04-2013
Is the Senate becoming too powerful? 03-04-2013
Citizen initiatives: allowing or requiring more? 15-03-2013
Should the Netherlands support Cameron? 06-03-2013
Is a prime minister who is continuously apologising acceptable? 06-02-2013
Emotions govern? 01-02-2013
Is there still room for religious minorities? 09-11-2012
Van Rompuy's Masterplan: the right direction? 07-11-2012
The position of judges 12-10-2012
Cabinet Formation: We can do it ourselves 03-10-2012
A debate on the role of spindoctors 05-09-2012
Does the House of Parliament still have a collective memory? 04-07-2012
Politics as a toy for the media (and the other way around) 08-06-2012
Will the political centre rise again? 06-06-2012
New generations in the political arena 25-05-2012
Ideals in the modern democracy 11-05-2012
Is the credit crisis a democratic crisis? 13-04-2012
10 years after Fortuyn 04-04-2012
Political parties searching for their role 16-03-2012
The significance of opinion polls 13-03-2012
A politicised judiciary? 01-02-2012
Are the media still the watchdog of democracy? 15-09-2011
Your rule of law is not mine 08-06-2011
Implosion of the political centre 13-04-2011
About Dutch regional elections 01-03-2011