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Debate: The next European crisis?

On the 23rd of June the British people will vote on the EU-membership of the United Kingdom. For many years the United Kingdom and the Continental countries clash on their view on European integration. British companies warn about the consequences of a possible Brexit. Eurosceptics are convinced about the opportunities of a Brexit for the UK.

What are the possible consequences of a Brexit for the United Kingdom? And what consequences will it have on the European identity and the future of the EU? Is the referendum on Brexit the first sign of EU-fatigue in Europe? And should the Netherlands organize their own exit-referendum?

On Wednesday the 1st of June 2016, Jan Rood (Institute Clingendael), Raoul Leering (head International Trade research, ING) Peter de Waard (columnist at de Volkskrant) and Chris Aalberts (freelance journalist en political commentator) discussed these questions. Journalist and political commentator Max van Weezel moderated the debate.

Please note that this event was held in Dutch