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Use and necessity of the Dutch Senate

Wytze van der Woude, Thom de Graaf, Tom Jan Meeus en Adri Duivesteijn

According to Wytze van der Woude, professor Public Law at the Maastricht University, the competences of the Dutch Senate do not match its current function. A good functioning authority needs a logical relation between function, composition and competence. The Senate is officially one of the two Dutch legislators, but at the moment it only has some controlling competences. The other speakers, Thom de Graaf (senator Democratic Party), Adri Duivesteijn (senator Labour Party) and Tom Jan Meeus (political journalist for the Dutch paper NRC Handelsblad) agreed on the statement that changes are necessary, but they disagreed on the competences the Senate should have in the future.

Max van Weezel was the moderator of the debate which took place on October 2 2013 in The Hague.

This event was held in Dutch.

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