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Thu 24 Apr
Europarlementariers die stemmen

One vote: many voices and real choices

It is time for a truly 'European' debate for the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections. What kind of Europe do Dutch and Flemish candidates envisage and support: a social, green or open Europe?


Thu 8 May
Gerard Breeman

Agendasetting in Europe

MI fellow Gerard Breeman will give a lecture in Dutch on the issue of agendasetting in Europe.


Thu 15 May
Politiek café

Politics Cafe

Discuss current political issues with researchers, journalists and politicians, while having a drink.


Mon 19 May
Bas Jacobs

Haagsch College 'How can we keep Europe in a stable place?'

Op maandag 19 mei zal Bas Jacobs een college geven over de economische uitdagingen waar de Eurozone voor staat. Kan de vlag eindelijk uit nu het economisch herstel is ingezet?


Wed 4 Jun
Publiek luistert aandachtig

Debate in presscenter Nieuwspoort

Science, politics and media will debate about a current political issue. More information about the topic and speakers will follow.


Politiek Café

Politics Café 'Bugged'

A Politics Café about the political side of bugging. The exhibition 'Bugged' opened on April 17 in the Central Library in the Hague.


Mathieu Segers

Lecture about European future perspectives

A lecture about a real discussion about future perspectives for the EU by Mathieu Segers (Utrecht University). This lecture is part of a lecture series about the European Union.


Mendeltje van Keulen

Lecture about the role of the parliament

A lecture about a good understanding of the role of the Dutch parliament by Mendeltje van Keulen (European affairs adviser). This lecture is part of a lecture series about Europe.


Mira Scholten

PhD defense Mira Scholten

On April the 3rd, Mira Scholten defended her Montesquieu PhD thesis 'The Political Accountabilty of EU agencies in Comparison with the US IRA's'.


Slogan Europese parlementsverkiezingen 2014

Which direction for the European Union?

A debate about the European Union in the run up to the European elections with Bas Eickhout (GroenLinks), Paul Sneijder (PvdA), Jan Rood (Clingendael) and Hans Goslinga (Trouw).