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Film & Debate: So help me god

Beeld vrouwe Justitia

During Film & Debate on the 15th of March 2018, the documentary 'So help me god' was being screened. In 'So help me god' Anne Gruwes, a Belgian examining magistrate is followed in her daily activities. She is a remarkable and outspoken character, and she often takes a politically incorrect tone in her relations with colleagues and suspects. Given the nature of some of the content, it's remarkable that the filmmakers were allowed to film it all.

After the screening, a debate was held with Maria van de Schepop and Jan Hofdijk.

Please note that this event was held in Dutch. For more information, we kindly refer you to the Dutch version of our website by clicking on 'Nederlands' in the upper right corner of this page.


Democracy in Debate

Film & Debate is part of 'Democracy in Debate', a series of events organized by Filmhuis The Hague, the Montesquieu Institute, Nieuwspoort and ProDemos.