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De hofvijver

'De Hofvijver' is a monthly newsletter of the Montesquieu Institute and aims to disperse the activities of the Institute and its members among a wide audience. The goal of 'De Hofvijver' is to contribute to the broader understanding of contemporary topics by providing more background information through research done by the Montesquieu Institute and its partners. The newsletter takes shape through the inclusion of interesting information, quotes and relevant historical cartoons.

The editorial board of 'De Hofvijver' consists of employees of the Institute and its partners. Jan Schinkelshoek and Careljan Rotteveel Mansveld are its core editors.

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'De Hofvijver' is only available in Dutch. Therefore, we kindly refer you to the Dutch version of our website for further information and a list of the current and previous editions of the newsletter.