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Boek MI fellow Hanco Jürgens verschenen

Friday, January 16 2015, 9:19
Hanco Jürgens - Na de val Nederland na 1989

Hanco Jürgen shows in how far the Netherlands has changed through the revolutionary occurences in the year 1989, in his bookNa de val. He offers an insight into the correlation of the foreign occurences and developments, and the domestic political culture. At first sight there seems to be no direct connection between domestic developments and the occurences of the year 1989. Nevertheless, when one scrutinises the period it becomes clear that the occurences have had a large influence. Jürgens shows what the effects are of the gradual fading of the borders on Dutch society. He explains that the social unrest in the Netherlands came forth out of the tedious process of adaption of the Netherlands to the changing arena of international relations, following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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