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Fellowship Paul Lucardie

From January the 1st 2013 until July 1st of 2020, Paul Lucardie was a fellow at the Montesquieu Institute.

Paul Lucardie

Dr. Paul Lucardie was until his retirement in September 2012 a researcher at the Documentation Centre of Dutch Political Parties in Groningen, one of the 5 Montesquieu partners. He still works on a voluntarily basis for the institute.

His position as a Montesquieu fellow will be somewhat from a distance, geographically and concerning content. His work deals mainly with populism and alternative forms of democracy, topics on which he will publish a book 'Democratic Extremism in Theory and Practice' in the spring of 2013.

For the Documentation Centre he will collect and analyse data on political parties who participate in elections but who have not been able to attain a seat in parliament.


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