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Lecture 1 - Politics of attention and hard choices

Politics of attention is key to understanding hard choices of governments. This introductory lecture by Arco Timmermans will deal with the way in which people and organizations process information and set priorities. Problems rise and decline in attention, and this has major implications for decision-making and support for these decisions in politics and society.




Making hard political choices is influenced by several and distinct factors where the attention of policy-makers currently is drawn.  That contended Arco Timmermans, professor for public administration, during the first lecture of the series of lectures organised by the Montesquieu Institute. Timmermans compared his political phenomenon with Newton's law of motion: a force is required to make an object move, once without any resistance the moving object will be hard to stop. 


Photo impression

The audience listens attentively
Arco Timmermans
Arco Timmermans
The audience listens attentively



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