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Decisiveness or support in the EU

A monetary union without a political union is an unstable structure. With this thesis Judith Sargentini started a debate with Arjo Klamer. Judith Sargentini is a member of European Parliament for the Dutch GeenLeft party. She opted for more EU involvement and a greater transfer of sovereignty to the Union. The response to her plea was given by Arjo Klamer, professor Economics of Art. He was and still is critical about the introduction of the euro and the functioning of democracy in the EU.

The debate was organised by the Montesquieu Institute in cooperation with Dutch newspaper Trouw. It is part of the debate series on 'The State of Democracy'.



Photo impression

Judith Sargentini
Arjo Klamer
De deelnemers luisteren aandachtig
De deelnemers luisteren aandachtig
Hans Goslinga
Judith Sargentini
Arjo Klamer
Judith Sargentini, Hans Goslinga en Arjo Klamer
Vragen uit het publiek.
Judith Sargentini en Arjo Klamer


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Judith Sargentini, lid van het Europees Parlement ...
Prof.dr. Arjo Klamer
Discussie Judith Sargentini en Prof.dr. Arjo Klamer
Discussie Prof.dr. Arjo Klamer


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