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Trias Politica and the Public Prosecutor

The Montesquieu Institute has contributed financially to the research project 'Trias Politica and the Public Prosecutor' by dr. Paul Nieuwenburg and mr. dr. Gerrit Dijkstra, associated with the University of Leiden, in the period 2009-2011.


Purpose of the Research

Most importantly, the purpose of the research is to examine the position of the public prosecutor in the Trias-doctrine. The researchers want to contribute to the debate by thoroughly investigating the historical-philosophical background of the Trias-doctrine and, in particular, the (explicit and implicit) role of the public prosecutor within this doctrine (or possibly the reason behind the absence of attention for the public prosecutor in the doctrine). Additionally, the comparison with other countries is also an important contribution to the debate.

Furthermore, this research aims at contributing to the current debate about the position and competences of the public prosecutor in the Dutch system.

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