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Immigration politics in Dutch and European perspective - Lecture series on migration- and refugee policy in the Netherlands and Europe

Een slotketting tussen twee palen

In November and December 2011 the Montesquieu Institute, in cooperation with the department of Public Administration and Campus The Hague of Leiden University, organizes a lecture series of eight lectures on migration- and refugee policy in the Netherlands and Europe.

Ostensibly, immigration is a phenomenon that has been on the political agenda as a hot issue for, at maximum, the past fifteen years. However, reality deviates from this image. The eight lectures will shed light on migration and refugee policy from different perspectives: hisotry, law, political science, public administration and international and European studies.



The programme for the series:





Wed. 9 Nov.

Lecture 1 – History of migration in Europe

Prof. Dr. Leo Lucassen

Thu. 10 Nov.

Lecture 2 –  History of the Dutch refugee policy

Drs. Kees Nagtegaal

Wed. 16 Nov.

Lecture 3 – Political relations and the creation of a refugee law

Dr. Job Cohen

Wed. 23 Nov.

Lecture 4 – Immigration and integration: framing and agendasetting in the Netherlands and Europe

Dr. Peter Scholten

Wed. 30 Nov.

Lecture 5 – Immigration law: methods en techniques

Prof. Mr. Peter R. Rodrigues

Wed. 7 Dec.

Lecture 6 – The role of the United Nations: UNHCR

Dr. Peter van Krieken

Wed. 14 Dec.

Lecture 7 – Immigration and asylum in Europe. The influence of populist parties on immigration policy

Dr. Sarah de Lange

Wed. 21 Dec.

Lecture 8 – The role of NGO's in policy-making on Dutch and European refugee policy

Mw. Trees Wijn


Note: This lecture series will be in Dutch, a more complete description of the content and information on enrollment can be found of the Dutch version of this website (click on the Dutch flag in the upper righthand corner).