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Prof.Dr. M. (Markus) Haverland

foto Prof.Dr. M. (Markus) Haverland

Markus Haverland is a professor of political science at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and fellow at the Montesquieu Institute. Haverland specialises in the politics of European integration. His current research interests include the effect of the EU legitimacy crisis on the different stages of EU policy-making (agenda setting and policy formulation, decision-making and bargaining, and implementation and compliance)


Personal data

Name and surname

Markus Haverland



Date of birth

1st of January 1967




postdoctoral fellow, later on assistant professor, Radboud University, 1998 to 2004

assistant professor, Leiden University

associate professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2007 to 2012

fellow Montesquieu Instituut, since 2011

full professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam, since 2012


Selected scientific publications

"National autonomy, European integration and the politics of packaging waste" (dissertation, 1998)

"European research reloaded: cooperation and integration among europeanized states" (co-editor book, 2004)

"Do member states make European policies work? Analysing the EU transposition deficit" (co-author article, 2007)

"When the welfare state meets the regulatory state: EU occupational pension policy" (article, 2007)

"Population Ageing and Public Policy. A Comparative Perspective" (mede-eindredacteur article, 2008)

"If similarity is the challenge - congruence analysis should be part of the answer" (article, 2010)

"Sectors at Different Speeds. Analyzing Transposition Deficits in the European Union" (co-author article, 2011)

"A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Public Administration Universe. Surviving Conversations on Methodologies and Methods" (co-author article, 2012)

"Member State interest articulation in the Commission phase. Institutional preconditions for influencing 'Brussels'" (co-author article, 2012)

"Designing Case Studies. Explanatory Approaches in Small-N Research" (co-author book, 2012)




public administration, political sciences, University of Konstanz


social sciences, Utrecht University