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Study trip to Berlin

Masterclass Berlijn reis 2010 - Groepsfoto voor Reichstag

On the 17th of March, eighteen Montesquieu Masterclass students together with three members of the Montesquieu Institute staff traveled to Berlin for a four day field excursion.

After arriving in Berlin, the group was welcomed by a member of our sister institute KGParl, dr. Tobias Kaiser, with a group dinner at the Savigny Platz. For many of the participants it was a first and very pleasant experience with both Berlin and the KGParl Institute.

Masterclass Berlijn reis 2010 - discussie bij KGParl

The next morning, the group went to the KGParl Institute at the Schiffbauerdam, where we were very warmly welcomed again. The KGParl Institute focuses on research on the parliamentary history of Germany. The institute has a similar research field as the Montesquieu Institute, but is set up differently and is concerned solely with doing research.

For both the KGParl and the Montesquieu Institute, the visit to KGParl was a very pleasant occasion. First, dr. Tobias Kaiser briefed the students on the activities of the KGParl Institute. Hereafter, the students organized a group discussion to identify possible parallels between German and European unification. During the lunch afterwards, these and many other topics were addressed again with members of the KGParl institute in a less formal setting.

The afternoon was spent by visiting the Deutscher Dom, a museum about the German parliamentary history. After a very interesting tour, the students had time to visit the museum on their own. Moreover, as a souvenir, all students received an extensive book about German parliamentary history.

On Friday the students of the Masterclass had some time off. Most of them spent this day visiting the impressive Holocaust Memorial or one of the other museums. Other students went for a coffee high up in the Television Tower.

Masterclass Berlijn reis 2010 - Rondleiding Reichstag

In the afternoon, the group got together again for a tour in and around the Reichstag building. Again, staff members of the KGParl Institute accompanied us on the tour, making it a very interesting tour and a worthy last formal activity of the Masterclass excursion to Berlin, which ended in the impressive Reichstag Cupola designed by Norman Foster with a view over night-time Berlin.

Inside the Bundestag-meeting hall, the students made a good impression on both the tour guide and other visitors by posing excellent questions and accordingly displaying their knowledge. Afterwards, the Montesquieu Masterclass field trip was ended with a last group dinner.

The KGParl Institute, the Montesquieu Institute and the Masterclass students look back on a great trip, for which the Montesquieu Institute is very grateful to the KGParl Institute!