Montesquieu Institute: from science to society

Mission and Objective


The Montesquieu Institute (MI) is a multifunctional centre for comparative parliamentary history and constitutional development in Europe. It supports those involved in fostering and strengthening democracy and aims at serving politicians, civil servants, scientists, journalists, students and those employed by interest groups.

The institute, or one of the partners, collaborates with other research centres and institutes in Europe on research and educational programmes that focus on parliamentary history, political culture, and political relations and developments in the EU member states and the European Union.

The Montesquieu Institute is an initiative by:

  • Faculty Governance and Global Affairs
  • MI Maastricht
  • Centre for Parliamentary History
  • Documentation Centre Dutch Political Parties
  • Parliamentary Documentation Centre

For more information on the partners, please click here.

The MI functions as a think tank in the area of parliamentary functioning of the European Union and it offers a physical and virtual meeting point for scientists. With the development of the digital knowledge exchange network the MI aims at strengthening research activities and disclosing information on the policy of the Netherlands and of the European Union in a user-friendly and manageable way.




In cooperation with other scientific institutes in Europe, the MI will focus on research in the parliamentary history and political culture of the EU member states and that of the European Union, and the constitutional relations and developments within the EU.

Apart from studying (Dutch) national parliamentary history, the MI devotes itself to promoting comparative study of the national parliamentary systems within Europe in a historical perspective. The institute also focuses on the study of the decision-making organs within the European Union and of the integration of European decision-making in the parliamentary systems of the Member States.

Apart from the institute's own research, the MI functions as a catalyst by providing research facilities for researchers from other institutes and universities at home and abroad by encouraging research in our field of interest by providing 'shining examples' of good practice.



One of the aims of the Montesquieu Institute is to make sure that available knowledge finds its way to the public, through valorisation, by making use of the electronic knowledge network and the hosting of several events. Throughout the year, we host appealing valorisation events, often in cooperation with other organisations. In addition a Dutch newsletter is issued each month.


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