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Wed 1 Nov
Op donderdag 16 maart 2017 kwamen de lijsttrekkers die op basis van de voorlopige verkiezingsuitslag zijn gekozen bij elkaar, op verzoek van Tweede Kamervoorzitter Khadija Arib.

Forming and governing: the start of Rutte III

209 days after the general elections, political parties VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie presented their plans for the next government term.


Tue 21 Nov
2011-09-22 mep nationaal 2011 tk oude zaal - 002

Presentation Parliamentary Yearbook 2017

The theme of the Parliamentary Yearbook 2017 is: the Dutch population. Presentation in the Dutch Houses of Parliament.


Fri 15 Dec
Maastricht - foto: Hans Peter Schaefer

Globalization as a Challenge to National Sovereignty

The Constitutional Law Conference – Staatsrechtconferentie – 2017 will address the definition and meaning of sovereignty, both in terms of modern developments and the evolution of the EU.


Film & Debate: 'De vergeten krijgers'

This documentary follows Daniël Cordus who fights for the recognition of the Indo-Africans who fought and died for the Royal Dutch Indian army (KNIL). Cordus was born in Dutch India and grandson of an African warrior, who was recruted by the KNIL in 1837.


Fri 23 Mar 2018
Grondwetdag 2015 ProDemos 65

Constitution Day high school students

On the annual Constitution Day high school students debate on a topic from the Constitution. This year the role and place of the Council of State is the topic. (in Dutch).