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June issue 'De Hofvijver'

'De Hofvijver' is a monthly newsletter of the Montesquieu Institute. The June issue is out now. (In Dutch)


EU heading towards 2019: MFF, brexit and EP elections

These are turbulent times for Europe. What are the EU's priorities in these times? What role plays the Netherlands? With Adriaan Schout, Frits Lintmeijer, Anne Mulder and Tomas Vanheste.


Essay on the King's Commissioner

In April 2018, the Montesquieu Institute published an essay on the King's Commissioner, written by Joop van den Berg.


Referendum in the Senate

Frank Hendriks on the proposal to withdraw the advisory referendum. (in Dutch)


Thu 13 Sep

De Montesquieu Prinsjeslezing 2018

ICT has the potential to change democracy as we know it. Has online democracy become the new normal? Linnar Viik and Prof. Mireille Hildebrandt will share their vision on this matter. Prof. Rens Vliegenthart will moderate the lecture.