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Wed 7 Nov
De Tweede Kamer zonder personen

Left involuntary - about Ministers and Secretaries of State that resigned

In the last decades several Ministers and Secretaries of State have either resigned or were forced to leave their position. What were their reasons and what role did the media play?


Film & Debate: The King

The King shows a picture of the American Dream in critical times in which, according to the producers, democracy is at stake. A debate with journalist Arjen van Veelen was held afterwards.


Tue 23 Oct
Politiek Cafe: Grenzen aan integratie

Politics Café: Limits of integration

The Politics Café on the 23rd October 2018 will focus on the issues regarding integration. Guests are Paul Scheffer and Tamar de Waal. The Politics Café will be led by Marcel Bamberg.


Editorial internship

PDC, partner of the Montesquieu Institute, is searching for enthousiastic students for an editorial internship in The Hague. Fluency in Dutch required.


Third Rutte Cabinet - One year in office

Almost one year after the Third Rutte Cabinet was installed it is time for an evaluation. A debate on the results, challenges and expectations of the Third Rutte Cabinet.