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Politics Cafe: Dutch Climate agreement: dreaming, nagging, delaying?

Children skipped classes to take the streets to protest. According to them, the Dutch government should take more action to combat climate change. There is a so-called 'climate agreement' in place, but will it be executed? What implications does this agreement have for citizens?


Thu 21 Mar
Another Day of Life

Film & Debate: Another Day of Life

During the Angolan civil war, the Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski is present in the country. He shares his experiences as a foreign correspondent. After the film, Frank Westerman will take the stage to comment on the topic. Jan Pronk guides the debate.


Brexit, who follows?

March 29, brexit day, is approaching. Does the British exit from the European Union function as an example to other EU member states? Or does it underline the importance of deepening ties at the European level?


Wed 3 Apr

The price tag of measures to combat climate change

The ambition for a greener country (Netherlands) tops the poltical and scientific agendas. Citizens call for action as well. What are the intented measures? And what will these measures cost? Marleen de Rooy will guide the debate.


Debate on the role of the King's Commissioner

What is the role of the King's Commissioner? Does this position need to be modernised? Joop van den Berg, Lamyae Aharouay, Han Polman and Jan Franssen have discussed this topic.