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Film & Debate: The Uprising

In the musical documentary 'The Uprising', musician and activist Pravini Baboeram explores the European resistance movement against racism. After the film there was a debate with director and Fatima Faïd, member of the council of The Hague and candidate MP of BIJ1. Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven guided the debate.


Provincial politics: coalition building after political turmoil

What is the current state of affairs? Do the winning parties have a say in the provinces and coalition building process? A debate guided by Marleen de Rooy (NOS).


Knowledge and Europe: Debate elections 2019

Scientific knowledge does not confine itself to national borders. European political decisions have a big influence on the world of research and education. Enough reason for an election debate! #kennisEU


Politics Cafe: Judges as managers: how do we prepare the judicial system for the future?

How do we prepare the Dutch judicial system for the future? What problems is it currently facing, and what are possible solutions? Chris van Dam, Henk Naves, and Wieger Kop took part in a discussion.


The price tag of measures to combat climate change

The ambition for a greener country (Netherlands) tops the poltical and scientific agendas. Citizens call for action as well. What are the intented measures? And what will these measures cost? Marleen de Rooy guided the debate.