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EU Presidential Debate: lead candidate Ska Keller (Greens)

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Ska Keller will be one of the candidates for the presidency of the European Commission taking part in a live Eurovision debate at the Parliament in Brussels on 15 May.

About Keller

Name: Ska Keller

European political party: European Green Party (Greens)

Nationality: German

Age: 37

Career: 2017 - co-chair of the Greens/EFA

2009 - MEP

2010 - Masters in Islamic Studies, Turkology and Jewish Studies at the Free University Berlin

About the debate

Political parties put forward candidates for the post of president of the European Commission ahead of the European elections. The lead candidate nominated by the Council, and able to command a majority in Parliament, will be elected President of the European Commission by a vote of Parliament.

The lead candidates are sometimes referred to by the German term spitzenkandidaten. This system was first used in 2014 to select current Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The Presidential Debate - EU Elections 2019 on 15 May at 21.00 CET is an opportunity to discover where the lead candidates stand on a range of issues.

Some political parties have nominated more than one lead candidate, but have nominated a single candidate to represent them in the debate.

Three TV moderators will host the debate. Lots were drawn to determine the speaking order.

The European Green Party has nominated two lead candidates. The second is Bas Eickhout, from the Netherlands. After studying Chemistry and Environmental Science, he became a researcher at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. He has been an MEP since 2009.

The European Green Party is aligned with the Greens/EFA group in Parliament.

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