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Debate: The Netherlands and the EU: time to take a stance

Democratie in Debat

What is the Netherlands' position in Europe? Political events like the brexit have caused a reorientation on the EU. What are the priorities? Different views and interests between the member states pose the Dutch government for several dilemmas. How can the Netherlands benefit from the new balance of power? Is it time for the government to take a stance?

Bernard Steunenberg, Professor of Public Administration, Anne Mulder, member of Parliament (VVD) and Bert van Slooten, news correspondent in Brussels (NOS) discussed these topics on the 7th of March 2018. The debate was led by Kees Boonman.


Democracy in Debate

This event is part of Democracy in Debate, a series of monthly events organized by Filmhuis Den Haag, the Montesquieu Institute, Nieuwspoort and ProDemos.