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Film & Debate: 'De vergeten krijgers'


The documentary 'De vergeten krijgers' was showed on 19 October 2017 in Filmhuis The Hague. The film follows Daniël Cordus. He fights for the recognition of the Indo-Africans who fought and died for the Royal Dutch Indian army (KNIL). Cordus was born in Dutch India and grandson of an African warrior, who was recruted by the KNIL in 1837.

During the Second World War Daniël and his two brothers were taken captive by the Japanese, and put to work at the famous Burma railway. The terrible and extreme conditions let to many casualties, among them many Indo-Africans. After the war Daniël returned to the Netherlands, where he made the remembrance of the forgotten Indo-Africans his live work.

Also the role of the Dutch state is highlited during the movie. It turned out that a large part of the budget for compensating the victims and their heirs of the Burma railway was not spent. It raised the question whether the government should play an active or passive role in compensating the victims.

Daniël returns to Burma after almost 70 years to visit the grave of his deseased brother Jan.


Background information

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