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Book presentation: ''Democratic blessing or curse'' - About the referendum

Thursday October 5th book presentation:

Democratic blessing or curse?

About the referendum

by Frank Hendriks, Koen van der Krieken & Charlotte Wagenaar



About the book

Is the referendum a blessing or curse for democracy? This book aims to provide answers by studying theory and practice, at home and abroad. With the Dutch referendum about the association treaty with Ukraine as starting point, comparable EU referenda and durable referendum cultures will be explored.



  • Johan Remkes, chair of the state advisory commitee Parliamentary Democracy, wil receive the book
  • interactive expert debate, with Ruud Koole, Wim Voermans, Niesco Dubbelboer, Pia Lokin-Sassen and AndrĂ© Krouwel
  • Drink from 13:45


Frank Hendriks is professor in public affairs at the Tilburg University with expertise in designing and transforming democratic governance. He published fifteen books, among which are Vital democracy: Theory of a democracy in action (Amsterdam University Press, 2006).

Koen van der Krieken is teacher at the Tilburg School of Governance of the Tilburg University and is currently finalizing his thesis about local referenda and the way gain and lose can be explained.

Charlotte Wagenaar is also teacher at the Tilburg School of Governance and is currently working on a thesis study about the design and consequences of alternative, non-dichotomy rerendum sytles.


Practical information

Location: Atrium Campus Den Haag of Leiden University

Address: Turfmarkt 99, 2511 DC Den Haag

Date: Thursday October 5th

Time: 12 am till 1 pm