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Nam Chul-woo is a poor but happy North-Korean fisherman who lives near the border with South-Korea. One day, Nam's fishing net ends up in the motor of the boat, causing the boat to malfunction. He helplessly floats towards the South-Korean side of the river, where he is suspected of being a spy and interrogated by police.

Ironically, Nam is brainwashed in the South, which is an interesting political statement of director Kim Ki-duk: residents of both sides, and in fact from all countries, unknowingly see the world through the eyes of their national ideology.

The film is a conception of the invisible prison of ideologies that divide North and South. After the screening, professor Koen de Ceuster and political scientist Michiel Hoogeveen will discuss the film with the audience.

Please note that this event will be held in Dutch



Practical information

Date: September 7th 2017, 19:00

Location: Filmhuis Den Haag, Spui 191 The Hague

Tickets: Order tickets via this link through the website of the Filmhuis


Background information

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