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Politics Café: Freedom versus safety - civil rights in danger?

As a reaction to current phenomena like terrorism and international organised crime, the government increasingly takes on risk management. With preventive measures, the state tries to ensure safety. But to what extent does this influence the freedom of its citizens?

Is that simply the price we have to pay for our safety in dangerous times? And do these measures actually deliver what they promise?

Are we aware of the consequences of new government measures? And to what extent are we willing to accept restrictions to our long-cherished freedom in exchange for more certainty and safety?

An evening with Quirine Eijkman, senior-researcher and lecturer at the University of Leiden on the subject of the (side)effects of security measures for the rule of law and human rights. The Politics Café was led by Victor Vlam.

Speakers: Kees Verhoeven, Quirine Eijkman and Sophie Hermans

Date: June 13th 2017, 20:00 - 21:30

Location: ProDemos, Hofweg 1a, The Hague

Please note that this event was held in Dutch. For further information we kindly refer you to the Dutch version of our website by clicking on 'Nederlands'in the right upper corner of this page.