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Politics Café: Europe - dream or reality?

Why is there so much discussion about the European Union? What role should Europe play? Will Europe be victim to its own succes?

After 72 years of peace, prosperity, democracy, open borders to live, work and study wherever you want, is the European Union much more than the founding fathers Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet could ever have dreamed of.

Nevertheless, the European Union is under pressure. Citizens associate Europe with expensive bureaucracy and in many countries politicians try to convince their electorate that it is better to leave the Union. In the case of Great Britain, the first steps have already been taken.

On Tuesday 9 May, the Day of Europe, MEP Bas Eickhout (GroenLinks) and NRC-editor Marike Stellinga discussed these issues in a debate.

Date: May 9th 2017, 20:00 - 21:30

Location: ProDemos, Hofweg 1a, The Hague

Please note that this event was held in dutch.