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Haagsch College with Lodewijk Asscher

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Why did Americans elect Donald Trump and did the Brits vote 'Leave' in the brexit referendum? Why is the support for anti-establishment parties like the PVV, Le Front National and Alternative für Deutschland growing? Are we dealing with gut feelings or is the people's discontent justly?

Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher will focus in a mini-lecture on this new social gap that could occur. Where is this discontent coming from and are we able to close this gap?

After the mini-lecture Lodewijk Asscher will look back on the four years of Rutte's second cabinet and the election campaigns for the elections next March. Minister Asscher will also answer questions of visitors on these topics.



Practical information


23th of January 2017




20.00 - 21.30h


€12,50/€10,00 with discount*


Paard van Troje, The Hague

*Use the voucher code 'MIASSCHER' to get a €2,50 discount.



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Please note that this event will be held in Dutch. For further information we kindly refer you to the Dutch version of our website by clicking on 'Nederlands' in the upper right corner of this page.