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Haagsch College: Is the EU going to survive the Trump era?

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The Netherlands, France and Germany are on the verge of elections. Geert Wilders' PVV, Marine le Pen's Front National and Alternative für Deutschland are doing exceptionally well in the polls. They all rebel against Brussels and feel empowered by Donald Trump's victory in the States. Does their euroscepsis herald the end of the European Union? Should we listen more to these populist movements?

Adriaan Schout, Europe specialist at Clingendael Institute, explained in a mini-lecture what way the EU is heading and what challenges lay ahead. Is the current structure of the Union build to last?

After that a debate was held between Kees Verhoeven, MP for D66 and spokesman on Europe for his party, Esther de Lange, MEP for CDA and Agnes Jongerius, MEP for PvdA.

The discussion was led by Anke Truijen, Europe reporter for BNR. Together they discussed the question whether the EU should change and what the plans should be regarding next year's elections.


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