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Haagsch College: all about the banks

Joris Luyendijk © Joris Luyendijk

On 23 november 2015, Joris Luyendijk gave a lecture on his experiences with the workings of the global banking system. He interviewed insiders of London's City (the financial district) and for two years wrote the Banking Blog for the Guardian. His book Swimming with Sharks: My Journey into the World of the Bankers about these interviews was published this year. Luyendijk is a journalist and anthropologist and has previously published Hello Everybody!: One Journalist's Search for Truth in the Middle East.


More information

'Haagsch College' is an initiative of Newscollege. The Montesquieu Institute supports this initiative by means of a substantive contribution, providing the fact sheets for the lectures.

Please note that this event will be held in Dutch. For further information we kindly refer you to the Dutch version of our website by clicking on 'Nederlands' in the right upper corner of this page.