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Film & Debate: Onder de oppervlakte

Onder de Oppervlakte

On October 22th 2015, the Montesquieu Institute and Filmhuis Den Haag present the documentary Onder de Oppervlakte (Below the Surface) by Digna Sinke. The documentary addresses the decision of the Dutch government to flood the Hedwigepolder to compensate the land that was lost during the deepening of the Westerschelde. In The Netherlands it has been a conflict for over 10 years. The idea to flood the Hedwigepolder was very unpopular among the citizens of the south-western Dutch province of Zeeland.

It's an example of a decision taken in 'The Hague' (seat of the Dutch government) that doesn't enjoy support among local citizens. In recent years there has been many examples of contradicting local and national interests. On such sensative political issues politicians rarely hold their ground.

The documentary of Digna Sinke Onder de Oppervlakte (Below the Surface) was shown at Filmhuis, The Hague on Thursday the 22th of October 2015. Afterwards, there was a debate between Digna Sinke, General Representative of the Government of Flanders Axel Buyse and political scientist Hans Vollaard.

Film and debate is organized by the Filmhuis Den Haag, Montesquieu Institute and the international press centre Nieuwspoort. Please note the evening was in Dutch. For further information we kindly refer you to the Dutch version of our website by clicking on 'Nederlands' in the right upper corner of this page.


Below the Surface (Dutch)