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Fortress Europe dismantled?

Wankelt Fort Europa? De sprekers

The flood of refugees from Africa and Syria causes renewed attention for the frontiers and asylum policy of the European Union. The European Parlement decided to invest more in border management to prevent refugee dramas on the Meditterrean Sea via Frontex and Eurosur. The European Commission wants these organisations to fulfill humanitarian tasks as well.

Is de country of arrival responsible for the refugees? Or is there a responsibility for the Union as a whole? What could be a European solution? And what is the role of human rights?

A debate on November 6th, at Nieuwspoort, The Hague with Marit Maij (MEP Social Democratic Party), Eddy van Hijum (MEP Christian Democratic Party), Carina van Eck (member of The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights) and Saskia Bonjour (post-doctoral researcher with expertise in migration). The moderator was Max van Weezel.

Please note that this event was held in Dutch.

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Photo impression

Max van Weezel, Carina van Eck, Eddy van Hijum, Marit Maij
Eddy van Hijum
Het publiek luistert aandachtig
Carina van Eck
Het publiek luistert aandachtig
Het publiek luistert aandachtig
Marit Maij en Saskia Bonjour
Wankelt Fort Europa? De sprekers