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Under the supervision of the Montesquieu Institute, the Parliamentary and the European Monitor are developed. With those tools, companies and organizations of interest can effectively respond to chances and threats of - soon to be - national and European legislation.


Tackle the overabundance of information

Monitoring all developments in The Hague and/or Brussels is an impossible and in many cases not needed task. Often organizations are not efficient in employing the chances that national and European legislation offers them. They lack the tool to quickly scan the new legislation developments and therefore miss the opportunity to influence the policy agenda. The overabundance of information that plaques our society plays an important role in this. Especially now the European government keeps getting more important.

To challenge this problem within our society, the Montesquieu Institute developed in cooperation with the ANP a digital monitoring device. This online service gives 'LLC the Netherlands' the possibility to effectively track the often highly complex processes of decision-making in both The Hague and Brussels and act when needed.



The monitors offer a set of convenient filter options. That way, the presented information becomes tailored to the needs of the individual user. In addition, the information will be disclosed in a structural manner - files - so the different developments get provided with the adventitious context, stakeholders and related cases.

Searching for further information - an often time-consuming process - will be limited using the monitors. Instead of let the users find information by themselves, the information gets actively reported by e-mail notifications. The notifications also come in the form of newsletters. That way essential information can be distributed quick and easy within the own organization or to the adherents.

If one would decide to manually search in the monitors, the monitors contain a very powerful full text search engine that can scour the complete parliamentary archive that goes back to 1995.

Finally, the monitors are updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so users are always aware of the latest developments.


Parliamentary Monitor


This monitor unlocks the national process of rules and regulations, among other things all the – by the parliament considered - (legislation)files and accompanying parliamentary papers like letters, reports, motions and questions asked in the parliament. Moreover, the monitor gives information about when the files are on the agenda, who are involved and the current state of affairs.

Screenshot nl dossier

Because a lot of national rules and regulations nowadays have originated in Brussels, connections with European

regulation files are made.


European Monitor

Screenshot Europese Monitor

Decision-making processes within the European Union are becoming more and more important for the national process of rules and regulations. This monitor provides the user with insights in the European legislation. The monitor contains all European legislation files, opinions and rapports of European institutions and provides an insight in the upcoming bills.

Screenshot eu dossier

Like the Parliamentary Monitor, the European Monitor gives information about when files are on the agenda, who are involved and the current state of affairs.


More information

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