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Monnet lecture 'Fixing Europe one (quick) step at a time', Maastricht

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date February 28, 2013 18:30
city Maastricht
location Minderbroedersberg 4-6 Show location
room Aula
organisation Montesquieu Institute (MI), Montesquieu Instituut Maastricht, Maastricht Centre of European Governance

Concerns over excessive sovereign debt, which once seemed a challenge confined to economic policy-making in member states such as Greece, have gradually evolved into an existential crisis for the EU as a political, economic and social project. Today, fundamental questions are being raised about the future of the Union which are giving rise to an increasingly vivid controversy regarding the direction of integration: At the polar ends are proponents of a tighter, more integrated Union and those envisioning a ...looser, more intergovernmental configuration.


Mr Robert De Groot, Director General for European Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, will give a lecture about the social, political and economic forces affecting the responses to the Eurozone crisis. Mr De Groot will discuss recent developments in EU crisis management as well as the discernible structures it is shaping for a post-crisis Union.

The lecture will be introduced by Prof Michael Shackleton, Special Chair in European Institutions at Maastricht University.


Free admission, no pre-booking required.

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