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Discussion sessions on The State of the European Democracy

Europees Parlement

As economic integration in the European Union deepens, the issue of political integration is on the agenda once more. In a series of debates we examine our neighbouring countries' views on the ongoing process of political integration in the EU. 

Are other countries less hesitant to relinquish competences to the European Union, or do they feel less at ease with giving up control in favor of 'Brussels'? Do our neighbours put their trust in a European democracy? What tensions have arisen or may rise between the national and European democracy?

These issues will be put forward in a series of debates on the 'State of the European Democracy'. The debates are organised by the Montesquieu Institute and the Dutch newspaper Trouw. Politicians and scientists from different Member States will examine the differences and similarities between The Netherlands and other European countries. What might we learn from each other in dealing with such issues?

Prior to the debates a scientist will be invited to submit a column in Trouw. He/she will elaborate on his/her arguments at the start of each discussion. A politician will then provide a rebuttal, after which the public is invited to join the debate. Political columnist Hans Goslinga will moderate these debates.






Croatia and the European democracy

Romana Vlahutin

Jan Marinus Wiersma


United Kingdom and the European democracy

Sir Graham Watson

Deirdre Curtin


Germany and the European democracy

Reinhard Bütikofer

Markus Haverland


Poland and the European democracy

Sidonia Jędrzejewska

Leszek Jesień


Belgium and the European Democracy

Peter Bursens

Frans van Daele