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Lecture 5 - A prominent close neighbour: comparing the Netherlands with Germany

Hanco Jürgens will dedicate this fifth lecture to the comparison between the neighboring countries Germany and The Netherlands with regard to the European Union and the sovereign debt crisis. Based on his findings of the state structure and the economic dimension of both nations he will present which country has the far most economic success factors and how these factors will be beneficial or damaging on the supranational level. Jürgens will explain whether The Netherlands or Germany may act up as the best figurehead to combat the eurocrisis.




Germany seems to have more advantages in being a figurehead for strengthening the euro zone, stated Hanco Jürgens, PhD Researcher of the Amsterdam Institute for German Studies during the fifth lecture of the series of lectures of the Montesquieu Institute. Derived from his question he took an analytical comparison between The Netherlands and Germany.


Photo impression

Arco Timmermans
A response from the audience
A response from the audience
Hanco Jürgens
Hanco Jürgens
Hanco Jürgens
The audience
Hanco Jürgens



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Introduction by A. Timmermans
Lecture by H.J. Jürgens