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Lecture 2 - The history of choices in the Eurozone

This lecture will be held by Roel Janssen and he will guide us through one of the fields which confronts governments with hard choices they will find on their way. The crisis that has shaken the euro zone since 2010 can be explained by four items you find at a playground. A swing, a seesaw, a merry go round and a swimming pool – een schommel, een wipwap, een draaimolen en een zwembad – are the metaphors for what is happening in the political, financial and economic field of the euro zone. With these examples the absence of a political union, the surpluses and deficits on national balance of payments, the vicious circle of broken banks and indebted governments and, finally, capital flight within the currency area, will be highlighted.




'The euro crisis is just like a playground'. Roel Janssen, financial and economic journalist, used this metaphor in the second lecture of the lecture series of the Montesquieu Institute. National political actors, the competitiveness of member states, the vicious circle of state debt and tottering banks and the capital flow in the European market have been clarified on basis of playground attributes.


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Roel Janssen aan het woord
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Roel Janssen aan het woord
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Een vraag uit de zaal
Roel Janssen aan het woord



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Roel Janssen vertelt over de eurocrisis
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