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Montesquieu Institute Workshop on the Accountability of Independent Agencies before Parliaments

Friday, February 10 2012, 14:47

Delegating various powers to independent agencies to regulate a wide range of sectors of economy, including food, finances, environment, transport, and communication, has led to the question of their accountability. While plenty of (scholarly) attention has been given to independent agencies as such, the issue of their political accountability remains under-investigated.

In this light the experts from both sides of the Atlantic have come together to discuss the accountability of EU and US independent agencies before parliaments in the framework of the Montesquieu Institute workshop.

This event included three panels focusing on the appointment and removal of the heads of independent agencies, parliamentary oversight and financial accountability of self-funded independent agencies.

The workshop provided an opportunity for an exciting debate around academic presentations and the stories from the 'first hands' told by (former) heads of independent agencies of both jurisdictions and agencies' and parliamentary officials.

The Montesquieu Institute is grateful to all participants and the Mayor of Maastricht who hosted the concluding reception of this insightful workshop.