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The 2011 European Council Agenda: Fighting Old and New Crises

Wednesday, December 21 2011, 14:05

Not surprisingly, macroeconomic issues again occupied the biggest portion of attention during the European Council meetings in 2011. The other favourite domain of the EU leaders – foreign policy – did not lag behind either. Some relatively prominent topics were business and finance, energy and migration policy.

This is the conclusion of an analysis by MI researchers Petya Alexandrova en Jacqueline Gray. The analysis is part of a research project within the Comparative Policy Agendas. It studies the Presidency Conclusions of the European Council since its first meeting in 1975. The unit of analysis are sentences and quasi-sentences (i.e. the lowest possible meaningful unit of policy content). They are content coded according to an international cross-country comparative codebook, adapted to the EU and measure attention to policy fields and specific issues within these fields.