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6th ECPR Conferentie in Reykjavik

date August 27, 2011
city Reykjavik, Iceland

Tijdens deze jaarlijkse conferentie zullen dr. Arco Timmermans en PhD student Petya Alexandrova een paper presenteren over 'European Council Agenda Dynamics: How National Presidency Impacts European Council Agenda Setting, 1974-2010.

Voorzitter van het panel Agenda-Setting and the European Union zal Sebastiaan Princen, fellow van het MI, zijn.

The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) is an independent, scholarly association, established in 1970. The ECPR supports and encourages the training, research and cross-national co-operation of political scientists throughout Europe and beyond through its programme of highly-regarded conferences and methods schools, funding opportunities and its prestigious publishing portfolio



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