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Fellowship Peter Scholten

Peter Scholten

As of 1 July 2011, the Montesquieu Institute welcomes Sebastiaan Princen as Montesquieu fellow. He is an assistant professor of public policy & politics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. His research, publications and teaching focus on issues of governance in multicultural societies.

Peter has published in various international journals, such as Journal of European Public Policy, Journal of Comparative Public Policy, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Journal of International Migration and Integration, Journal of Public Policy, Nations & Nationalism, Administration & Society and Science & Public Policy. In addition, he recently did a special issue for the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, together with Christina Boswell and Andrew Geddes, on 'States, Knowledge and Narratives of Migration; the construction of immigration in migration policy-making in Europe'.

At the MI Peter Scholten is working together with Arco Timmermans and Gerard Breeman concerning research on public and political agenda's.


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