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A closer Look at the EU

The Montesquieu Institute, in cooperation with Campus The Hague and the Master European Union Studies, organized a series of lectures that were given by prominent speakers. They provided new insights in the challenges that the European Union is currently facing.



Lectures 2011

February 16: The New Role of National Parliaments in the EU

Dr. Mendeltje van Keulen, Advisor to the Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer) on CFSP and CSDP

February 23: The Crisis, the EU and the Euro

Prof. Dr. Lex Hoogduin, executive director, Dutch Central Bank

March 16: The Common Security and Defence Policy

Mr. Arnout Molenaar, Advisor to the Ministry of Defence, former Dutch permanent representative in Brussels on CSDP.

March 30: The Future of the Common Agricultural Policy

Mr. Ate Oostra, former deputy in the permanent representation in Brussels, former Director-General in the Minitry of Agriculture

April 13: Attitude, Policies and the Role of the Netherlands in the EU

Mr. Frans Timmermans, former State Secretary for European Affairs (2006-2010)

May 18: The Added Value of the Economic and Social Committee of the EU

Mr. Joost van Iersel, former MP for CDA, member of the Economic and Social Committee of the EU


Lectures 2010

September 29: Current Challenges in Dutch EU Policies

Drs. Wepke Kingma

Mr. Kingma is currently director for European Integration at the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

October 13: The Unstoppable European Council

Dr. Jan Werts

Since 1975, Mr. Werts is EU-correspondent in Brussel for Dutch and Belgian media.

November 3: Will European integration always remain a project of the elite?

Prof. Dr. J.J. van Dijk

Mr. van Dijk is currently extraordinary professor at VU University Amsterdam.

December 8: Constructing Europe; Putting the European Union and its History in Museums

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Kaiser

Mr. Kaiser is Professor of European Studies at the University of Portsmouth. This year, he is also a fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS).