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Dutch Political Leaders since 1848 - Lecture Series on political leaders based on six biographies

Thorbecke portret

National political developments are not only determined by political institutions, but also by individual actors. Important and influential political events or movements are often strongly related to prominent politicians. Dutch modern history is no exception. In November and December 2010, the Montesquieu Institute is organising a series of seven lectures on Dutch parliamentary history and political leadership. We do this in close cooperation with the department of Public Administration of the Leiden University and Campus The Hague.



The programme for the series:


2 November

Lecture 1 - Introduction

9 November

Lecture 2 - Thorbecke

10 November

Lecture 3 - Kuyper

17 November

Lecture 4 - Cort van der Linden

24 November

Lecture 5 - Colijn

1 December

Lecture 6 - Beel

7 December

Lecture 7 - Cals

15 December

Conference on Political Biographies

Lecture 1

By Prof. Dr. Henk te Velde

Introductory lecture on Dutch politicians and leadership based on his book ‘Stijlen van Leiderschap’ (Styles of Leadership).

Lecture 2

By Dr. Jan Drentje

Lecture on Thorbecke, architect of the Dutch Constitution of 1848

Lecture 3

By Dr. Jeroen Koch

Lecture on Abraham Kuyper, an important figure in the emancipation of the protestant citizens in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Lecture 4

By Johan den Hertog

Lecture on Cort van der Linden, leader of the war-cabinet 1914-1918. Introduced universal suffrage and women suffrage.

Lecture 5

By Dr. Herman Langeveld

Lecture on Hendrikus Colijn, prime minister in the interbellum

Lecture 6

By Drs. Lambert Giebels

Lecture on Beel, an influential post-war political leader

Lecture 7

By Paul van der Steen

Lecture on Cals, Political leader in stormy times

On 15 December a conference will be held on Political Biographies.

Note: This lecture series will be in Dutch, a more complete description of the content and information on enrollment can be found of the Dutch version of this website (click on the Dutch flag in the upper righthand corner).