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Fellowship Kutsal Yesilkagit

Kutsal Yesilkagit

As of 1 June 2010, the Montesquieu Institute welcomes Kutsal Yesilkagit as Montesquieu fellow. He is an associate professor of public administration at Utrecht University.

At this institute he conducts research on European regulatory networks in the fields of data protection and financial markets and their functioning in the context of parliamentary democracy.

This research project fits within his broader research interest that lies within the domain of comparative public administration. Yesilkagit is particularly interested in the politics of executive government, political control and bureaucratic autonomy, and regulation and governance.

He has published articles on these topics in journals such as Public Administration, Journal of European Public Policy, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, and Administration & Society.


Montesquieu Fellowship

Starting on 1 July 2008, the Montesquieu Institute welcomes prominent researchers from Dutch and foreign universities who will contribute in fulfilling its research mission. These researchers receive a fellowship at the institute.

The fellows will conduct research in the field of Dutch and/or European parliamentary history, as well as research on decision making within the European Union and the implementation and significance of these decisions in the parliamentary systems of the member states.


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