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Masterclass 2010 'Brick by Brick'

Poster Montesquieu Masterclass 2010

From February to June 2010, the Montesquieu Institute together with Campus The Hague organised the Masterclass:

"Brick by Brick. Building European Parliamentary Systems before and after 1989"

Look here for an impression of the study trip to Berlin.

Within the democratic realm that we often take for granted in Western Europe, the role of parliament is crucial. This institution represents the national citizens, checks on the government, and drafts new legislation. The historical development of parliamentary systems as such provides an important lesson for anyone who wants to get a grip on how democracy functions.

A striking chapter in European parliamentary history starts off from 1989. After the fall of the Wall and the disappearance of the Iron Curtain, the newly independent states of Central and Eastern Europe were given the opportunity to try and catch up with democracy. In Germany, the reunification of East and West provided an even bigger challenge: melting two parliamentary cultures into one.

During the Masterclass organised by the Montesquieu Institute, the above theme was thoroughly looked upon. Please consult the programme for a description of the different subjects.




Participation in the Masterclass 2010 is no longer possible

Third-year Bachelor students, Master students, or fourth year students at Higher Vocational Schools are eligible for the Masterclass. This concerns students within the Dutch education system.

Students from the following disciplines are selected:

Law (preferably Public Law/State and Administrative Law)

History (Modern History)

Political Science

Public Administration

International/European Studies

Classes are given in English.

To participate in the Masterclass send a motivation letter, your resume (CV), and your most recent transcript. From the received applications, 24 students will be chosen by the selection commission of the Institute.

Please send your application (including the required documents) to:

Montesquieu Institute

c/o mr. C.Nagtegaal

Lange Voorhout 86-32

2514 EJ The Hague


c/o mr. C.Nagtegaal

subject: Masterclass 2010

Participation in the Masterclass is free of charge (studytrip excluded).

A studytrip abroad is part of the programme of the Masterclass 2010. For this trip the students are asked to contribute a fee of € 150, - (travel and subsistence expenses). This trip took place between March 17 and 21, 2010.

Look here for an impression of the study trip to Berlin.



Click here for the complete program of the Masterclass including all lecturers and topics.


Registration period:

5 October 2009 - 18 January 2010 (REGISTRATION IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE)

Introductory meeting:

29 January 2010 at the Montesquieu Institute, Lange Voorhout 86-32, The Hague


On Friday: from 09.30 till 14.00 (including lunch)


Campus The Hague, Lange Voorhout 44, The Hague

Study trip:


Graduation ceremony:

18 June 2010 at the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer)

Exercised language:



Class Schedule:





















Practical Issues

During classes

  • For each class, one student is responsible for the follow-up of the lecture. This means that he/she takes on the role of Chairperson, leads the discussion, and makes sure each student asks at least one question. A replacement Chairperson will also be assigned.
  • All students are required to have read the assigned literature before each class.
  • Use is made of the the e-learning resource Teletop.
  • Before each class and during recess, coffee and tea will be served. After each class there is a group (participants, lecturers, and staff) lunch.


  • During the final two classes (if need be, the class will be divided into 2 groups), every student will give a presentation about their final paper proposal. The presentation will be made in PowerPoint. The other students and staff will ask questions, give comments and advice. The goal is to discuss the chosen topic and help students develop the content of their papers.

Final Paper

  • The Masterclass is concluded with a final paper, written by each participant. The paper must be written in accordance with the guidelines given by the Institute. The length of the paper must be between 8000-10.000 words, excluding title page, footnotes, and bibliography.
  • The Montesquieu Institute has the right to publish the papers on its website and to use them for educational/research purposes.
  • The student who has been assessed with the best paper will give a short speech about his/her paper topic during the closing diploma ceremony.


  • When the paper has been sufficiently assessed and the student has satisfied class attendance, the student has passed the Masterclass. He/she will receive a diploma on behalf of all four participating universities (Groningen, Leiden, Maastricht and Nijmegen). The diploma ceremony will take place on 18 June 2010.

More questions about the Masterclass? Send an e-mail to

Information on the Masterclass 2009, 'Two way traffic. The interaction between EU policy makers and lower government levels', can be found here.