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European political leaders since 1945

Angela Merkel

National and international political developments are not only determined by political institutions, but also by individual actors. Important political events or trends frequently have strong connections with prominent statesmen.

From October untill December 2009 the Montesquieu Institute, in cooperation with the Institute of Public Administration of the University of Leiden and Campus The Hague, organised a series of eight lectures on European parliamentary history and political leadership.

During the series 'European political leaders since 1945' seven of these statesmen were addressed using their political biographies. Ranging from Monnet to Merkel, the most important episodes of European postwar history were looked at.

Several speakers from the scientific world addressed not only the political actions of the statesmen, but also their personal development.

The lectures were given in Dutch. For more information on the programme and registration, please visit the Dutch version of this page (click on the Dutch flag in the upper right corner of your screen).