Montesquieu Institute: from science to society


In cooperation with other scientific institutes in Europe, the Montesquieu Institute (MI) will focus on research and education in

  • the parliamentary history and political culture of the EU member states and that of the European Union, and
  • the constitutional relations and developments within the European Union.

Centre for in-depth and comparative study 

Apart from study of (Dutch) national parliamentary history, the centre will devote itself to promoting comparative study of the national parliamentary systems within Europe in a historical perspective, and to study of the decision-making organs within the European Union and of integration of European decision-making in the parliamentary systems of the Member States.

One of the features of the comparative study of the mode of operation of the national parliaments will be the identification and refinement of best practices, as regards both the operation of the parliament itself and the implementation of European legislation.

It will be possible to cover a wide range of topics and historical periods, thanks to the expertise available in the institutes cooperating in this joint venture.

In view of its focus on parliamentary history, the Centre promotes interdisciplinary cooperation with researchers from related fields. The combination of different perspectives will lead to appreciable enrichment of the study of parliamentary history and constitutional development, and will hopefully increase the added value of these studies for society.

Finally, the Centre will, in the framework of its search for wide social recognition of its role, regard it as an important task to distribute the information generated without delay and in a handy format to other relevant parties such as the media, politicians, the authorities and NGOs.

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