Montesquieu Institute: from science to society

The opening of the Montesquieu Institute

The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ronald Plasterk, and former Mayor of The Hague, Wim Deetman, opened the Montesquieu Institute in The Hague. In cooperation with other scientific institutes in Europe, the Montesquieu Institute is occupied with research and education in the parliamentary history and political culture of the European Union and its member states. Furthermore, it researches the constitutional relations and developments within the European Union.

Minister Plasterk is of the opinion that knowledge and understanding are important factors in increasing the support for European cooperation. According to minister Plasterk it is obvious that the Netherlands plays a leading role in writing history of the European Parliament and describing parliaments of the EU member states. The field of parliamentary history is well represented in the Netherlands.

Former Mayor Deetman is glad that the main office of the Montesquieu Institute is established in The Hague. Not only is The Hague an international city, where a part of the history of the European unification is written. It is also the governmental and political centre of the Netherlands.