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New collection: 'Coronacratie'

On september 10th the new Montesquieu-collection was released. The collection takes a look at the functioning of the rule of law and democracy in the Netherlands during the coronacrisis. The collection is available as PDF.


Newsletter: De Hofvijver

The September-edition of the Hofvijver is all about the opening of the new politcal season.


Veertig jaar CDA (1980-heden)

Forty years ago, on october 10 1980, three christian political parties (KVP, ARP, CHU) merged into CDA. How has the Christian Democracy developed since then? (Dutch only)



Online debate: Dutch diplomacy in the European coronacrisis

The Dutch government adopted a tough stance in the European discussions about economic support packages during the coronacrisis. Why did the Netherlands do this and what are the consequences? On 1 July these questions were discussed.