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Editorial internship

PDC, partner of the Montesquieu Institute, is searching for enthousiastic students for an editorial internship in The Hague. Fluency in Dutch required.


Debate on the role of the King's Commissioner

What is the role of the King's Commissioner? Does this position need to be modernised? Joop van den Berg, Lamyae Aharouay, Han Polman and Jan Franssen have discussed this topic.


Politics Cafe: Political movements on the rise?

Are modern political movements different from the established political parties? Or do they just use a new word for the same thing? And how come these movements are so popular nowadays?


Thu 21 Feb
een verzorger houdt de hand vast van een oude man

Film & Debate: Goede Buren

Two neighbours are volunteering for lonely elderly. They meet Jan and Til, a man and a woman in their eighties, and are confronted with the harsh reality of loneliness.


Opinions on the final report of the state committee

Please find here in Dutch the opinions of the Montesquieu Partners on the report of the committee