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Joint Research Centre (JRC)

This directorate-general provides the Commission with scientific advice and technical support in order to help formulate, implement and monitor a wide range of policies of the European Union. If requested it will advise the Council, Parliament and the member-states.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) also conducts scientific research. In several centres throughout Europe a broad range of topics are researched, most of it focused on areas that respond to the major challenges that face the EU policy makers. Its main areas of research are nuclear energy, economics, sustainable development, security issues and crisis-management and developing common reference materials and measurements.


Openstaande vacatures

sluitingsdatum titel en contract organisatie en plaats
28-01-2022 Exploratory Research ProjectPhysics - Informed Neural Networks for Foresight on LOsses and Energy Demand of Buildings(PINN FLOED) Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Onbekend)
31-01-2022 Project Officer - ADME scientist - Biokinetics for chemical safety and biomedical research Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Ispra)
31-01-2022 Project Officer - New approaches to toxicological hazard assessment of chemicals Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Onbekend)
31-01-2022 Technical Officer - Infrastructure/Installations Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Karlsruhe)
31-01-2022 Project Officer - Scientific Research Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Geel)
31-01-2022 Scientific project officer - Analytical chemist - explosives and chemicals detection Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Geel)
31-01-2022 Programme Officer - Data scientist for the DRMKC support to the Science pillars of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Onbekend)
31-01-2022 Scientific Project Officer - Crop Growth Modelling and Yield Forecasting Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Ispra)
31-01-2022 Scientific / Technical Project Officer - Researcher Smart Grid Interoperability Lab Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Onbekend)
31-01-2022 Administrative assistant Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Brussel)