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Wed 5 Apr
Waarheid in de krant

Debate in Nieuwspoort

Scientist, politicians and journalist will debate on hot -and sometimes controversial- topics.


Thu 20 Apr
Filmposter Austerlitz

Film & Debate: Austerlitz

Once a month a Film & Debate event on political issues takes place in the Filmhuis The Hague. Before or after the screening a public debate will be held on the topic related to the film.


Constitution Day 2017 for high school students

On the annual Constitution Day high school students debate on a topic from the Constitution. This year the role and place of the Court of Audit in the Constitution is the topic. (in Dutch).


Evaluation of the formation of the Cabinet Rutte II

A new formation process has started. The formation of the Cabinet Rutte II was the first formation process without a leading role of the Queen. The Montesquieu publication 'Het nieuwe formeren' (2012) contains reflections on this.


Haagsch College: Does Europe still belong to us?

The European Union is instable. Can it still be saved? MEPs Esther de Lange and Ivo Belet presented their new book 'The Gap'. Arend Jan Boekestijn and Frans Timmermans gave their opinion on this topic.


Tue 13 Jun
Tafel met flyers

Politics Cafe

On the second Tuesday of the month scientist, journalists and politicians gather to informally speak about world affairs and the latest news.