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Forming the Cabinet

There has to come a new start in the formation of a cabinet after the failure of Mrs Schippers to form a coalition of VVD, D66, CDA and GreenLeft.


Wed 31 May
Mark Rutte

Haagsch College: The formation of a Dutch cabinet

Several political parties are currently in the negotiation process of forming a new Dutch cabinet. This evening will reflect on the negotiation tactics and journalism aspects.


The ballot box

There is a lot of mockery about the Dutch electoral system: many parties, fragmentation of parliament. But a voting threshold also has major disadvantages. A book about the Dutch electoral system (in Dutch only).


Film & Debate: I am not your negro

"The story of the negro in America, is the story of America. It is not a pretty story." I am not your negro tells the story of James Baldwin's fight for civil rights in America.


Politics Café: Europe - dream or reality?

Why is there so much discussion about the European Union? What role should Europe play? Will Europe be victim to its own succes? On the Day of Europe, MEP Bas Eickhout (GroenLinks) and editor Marike Stellinga (NRC) discussed these issues.