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Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL)

Met dank overgenomen van Europa Nu.

This Directorate-General has the task to contribute to the development of a modern, innovative and sustainable social model with more and better jobs for a community based on equal opportunities.

The main tasks of this DG are:

  • more and better jobs
  • free movement of workers and coordination of social security schemes
  • better working conditions
  • social inclusion


Legislative proposals in negotiation

There are 783 proposals for legislative or other legal instruments of this Directorate-General in negotiations with the Council and the European Parliament.
Date Title
27.04.2017  Work-life balance for parents and carers.
07.04.2017  Globalisation Fund application from Finland - EGF/2016/008 FI/Nokia Network Systems.
Decision com(2017)157
28.02.2017  Globalisation Fund EGF/2017/000 TA 2017 - Technical assistance at the initiative of the Commission.
Decision com(2017)101
10.01.2017  Amendment of Directive 2004/37/EC on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work.
Directive com(2017)11
10.01.2017  Safer and Healthier Work for All - Modernisation of the EU Occupational Safety and Health Legislation and Policy.
Communication com(2017)12


Legislation currently being implemented

There are 259 laws or other legal instruments of the Council and the European Parliament, previously proposed by this Directorate-General, which are currently being implemented by the member states.
Date Title
29.11.2016  Globalisation Fund application from the Netherlands - EGF/2016/005 NL/Drenthe Overijssel Retail.
Decision com(2016)742
08.11.2016  Globalisation Fund application from Spain - EGF/2016/004 ES/Comunidad Valenciana automotive.
Decision com(2016)708
28.09.2016  Globalisation Fund application from Estonia- EGF/2016/003 EE/petroleum and chemicals.
Decision com(2016)622
05.09.2016  Globalisation Fund application from Sweden - EGF/2016/002 SE/Ericsson.
Decision com(2016)554
29.07.2016  Globalisation Fund application from Finland - EGF/2016/001 FI/Microsoft.
Decision com(2016)490


Legislation in force

There are at least 162 laws or other legal instruments in force that have been previously proposed by this Directorate-General.
Date Title
10.06.2016  Establishing a Skills Guarantee.
Recommendation com(2016)382
02.03.2015  Broad guidelines for the economic policies of the Member States and of the Union.
Recommendation com(2015)99
17.01.2014  Regulation on a European network of Employment Services, workers' access to mobility services and the further integration of labour markets.
Regulation com(2014)6
04.12.2013  Quality Framework for Traineeships.
Recommendation com(2013)857
21.03.2013  Authorisation of the Member States to ratify the 2011 ILO Convention concerning decent work for domestic workers.
Decision com(2013)152